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Haptophone (2015)

The HAPTOPHONE is inspired by the work of dada artist Raoul Haussmann, who presented in 1921 the optophone, a device that is capable of converting audio and visual signals interchangeably. Contrary to the optophone, the HAPTOPHONE translates touchable miniatures of sculptures into spatio-temporal sound objects. The desire to extend Haussmann’s idea to the sense of touch is informed by his book la sensorialité excentrique, in which he states that all senses are tied to the sense of touch. Haussmann suggests that we can see only because we send out haptic rays, which are reflected even by the most distant objects back to our retina. The HAPTOPHONE translates these haptic rays into a sonic experience. The Haptophone premiered at the Blind Creations conference in London UK.

The HAPTOPHONE was realised together with Adriana Olmos, Marc Fournel, Michael Ciarciello, Alexis Emelianof and Mathieu Bouchard.
This project was kindly supported by CCA, CALQ, and CIRMMT.
Special Thanks goes to: Yves Method, Ian Hattwick, Filipe Calegario, Jan Anlauf, Hannah Thompson, and Vanessa Warne.