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Skizzen bewegender Gleichungen (2012)
(sketches of moving equations)

This audio visual installation was commissioned for the exhibition The Islands of Benoît Mandelbrot Fractals, Chaos, and the Materiality of Thinking. This work reflects on the role of drawing in nonlinear science—connecting performativity, space, and creative thought processes. It investigates at the same time questions of the representation of dynamical systems as differential equations. In this video you canhear the sounds of drawing being made with a pencil. The varying speeds and pressures that characterize this kind of sound are manipulated via filters, playback speeds, and sound effects based on the lines produced by certain nonlinear equations. Synchronized to these sounds are visual representations of the equations, which change their shades according to the actual state of the selected dynamical system. Listening to the intimate sonic experience and watching the visually changing formula allows one to connect with the dynamical properties of the systems.

I would like to thank L. Alexis Emelianoff for support during the production of this work.