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safety certificate (2010)

Safety Certificate is a musical performance based on axle box sensor data from high-speed trains. The original purpose of this data is to provide a basis for the assessments of the mechanical aspects of train safety durimng the homologation process. In this performance, the data, which represents dynamical processes in the sub frequent domain and below the audible range, are converted into sound through audification. The sound that is generated live during the performance is manipulated through the Manta control interface, which allows for the convenient layering of 48 different timbres. Safety Certificate was premiered at Seconde Nature in Aix-en-Provence in March 2010 during the Sonification symposium What Where How Why, organized by Locus Sonus . On the left you will hear excerpts of a the recording from a performance for 8 channels in a stereo downmix.

Special thanks to Fabian Schmid from PJM for the data and Till Bovermann for Manta instructions. I used Alberto DeCampo's SuperCollider class as software interface to the Manta.